Busy life?  Want great vegan food or learn how to make it yourself?  Hire me.

I'm available as a live-in chef and consultant or personal chef.

I'll bring any necessary tools, customize some delicious healthy meals based on your taste preferences, you'll enjoy the meals and not have to worry about anything.

I am well versed in vegan and raw foods having demonstrated, lived and traveled for this since 2010, and worked for multiple Raw Food Companies.
I'd love to make you delicious dishes you look forward to eating.

I won an award as the #1 demonstrator for Vitamix, worked for the top Juice bar in NYC (Juice Press), managed in a yoga studio and Juice Bar in Greenwich, and have many great recipes in my recipe book on this website. We can customize according to your tastes for a day, a couple days, a week or if you need me for an event give me a call.

Personal chefs are becoming a popular alternative for people that don't have the budget for a full-scale catered event or for people that hosting small events that don't require complete catering services.  You'll get a copy of my recipe book and I'm happy to prepare meals for you or set you up so you can make them all yourself!

  • Preparing meals
  • Parties and Special Events
  • Recipe Development

How This Works

You'll fill out a questionnaire on your food preferences. I will contact you when I receive your information so we can discuss your needs and goals for the recipes.  I will be interested in your taste and nutritional goals, and you'll get a free recipe book of mine to keep and use for special occasions and the everyday.


Once you receive the initial batch, you provide your feedback to me.  We will continue to work together to get the recipe exactly as you like it. When you are happy with the recipe, I will provide the ingredient list, measurements, preparation instructions, and any additional information you would like in an attractive package.


Pricing for this service depends on the extent of development required and the quality of ingredients used in prototyping and refinement. In other words, contact me and we will figure it out.

Contact me at